Saturday, April 30, 2011


Q- If Rakesh paid 15% of his salray against loan and spend 30% of his remaining salary in house hold expenses. if he save Rs. 2380, what is his total income.
A-   100*100*2380

    = 4000

Trick-                   100 * 100 * save money              
          ( 100-first expense) (100-second expense)


Q- If in  exam 45% student fail in Maths, 30% student in English and 20% in both exam. What percantge of   students pass in both subject ?
Ans:- In this question 45% student fail in maths and 30% student fail in English and 20% student in both exam. It means total 20% of student fail in both Math and english. So what you have to do you just subtract 20% from both maths and english fail students. which comes like this.
45-20=25 (it means 25% student only fail in maths)
30-20=10 (it means 10% student only fail in english)
and total percentage of student fail in both exam are 20%
from this we now say like this
total percentage of student fail are 25+10+20=55%
Therefore, total student pass in both subject are 100-55=45% .
Trick- 100-(Maths fail + English fail - both subject fail student )

Friday, April 29, 2011

From your friend desk

Hello friends,
Maths is a very interesting subject and it is very eassy also. for some student it just like a very difficult task to solve maths. But you trust me if you follow some simple rule and do carefully, you able to solve maths and then you really like it. i hope you like and you get benifit from this. for solving maths it is important to understand the question . If you understand the question then it is very eassy to sove any question. It is my request if you have any problem regarding maths for competitive exam ssc please post on wall. It is my pleasure to solve your problem.  The speed of solving your problem is depend upon your thinking speed. if you can think, you able to solve maths.
                                        Thanks, with lots of blessings and good luck for your future.